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Fredag, 9 november, 2012 klokka 20:00

Sunndal kulturhus inviterer til irsk aften, med herlig irsk musikk, irske forfriskninger og god stemning i Støgu.

TRADISH is a new musical constellation, formed in 2008, although all members have previously played together in Irish trad. band Moving Cloud.

TRADISH perform both traditional and self-written material, from songs centuries old to tunes written last week.

As part of a living tradition, TRADISH are interested in exploring ways to connect the old and the new, the past and the present, keeping the music fresh and alive.

Every member of TRADISH has spent the best part of their lives playing everything from small pub sessions to concert and festival performances, giving TRADISH the ability to not only satisfy the hardcore trad. crowd, but also to reach out to a wider audience who might not otherwise listen to traditional music.

The living body of music that is nowadays generally referred to throughout the world as “Irish Traditional Music” has a long and fascinating evolution. However, it’s sometimes forgotten that the development of this tradition hasn’t been confined to within the borders of Ireland, but owes a huge debt to musicians either born outside Ireland, or born in Ireland and subsequently emigrating to other parts of the world, taking their music and their culture with them.

Whilst collecting and writing the music for their new album “Beyond the Borders”, TRADISH have tried to explore this theme in different ways throughout the album. “Beyond the Borders” celebrates the transformation of Irish traditional music into the global phenomenon it is today.

Drawing from the deep vaults of the last millennium to the infinite potential of the new millennium, TRADISH would like to take you on a musical journey through time.

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