World BASE Race Hellesylt

Torsdag, 5 juli, 2012 klokka 08:00:00
Fredag, 6 juli, 2012 klokka 08:00:00
Laurdag, 7 juli, 2012 klokka 08:00:00
Søndag, 8 juli, 2012 klokka 08:00:00

The World fastest flying human being. Hellesylt, Stranda 5.-8. july 2012

Envision two athletes standing on wooden platforms at the edge of a mountain cliff. Each man is dressed in state-of-the-art wingsuit. At the signal, they jump and race head-on to the finish line, deploying their parachutes and gliding to a safe landing. Mind blowing? Extraordinary? Innovative genius? A testament to man`s dream of flight? A sporting event unlike any other in the world. I answer yes to all of the above, and promise another great show in 2012.

The World Base Race is a racing sprint event in which the winners of each heat progress to the next round in the tournament. The race is designed as an easy to understand concept of two mountain flyers navigating a mapped and measured distance towards a finish line.